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You need to insure for an amount sufficient to rebuild your house with its improvements, removal of debris and professional fees.

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If your house is older than 50 years, has it been rewired in the last 25 years?

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You need to insure for an amount sufficient to replace all your contents at today’s purchase price for comparable new items.

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(Please include the value of Special Items of General Contents and Home Computers in your Contents Sum Insured.)

Special Items which need to be listed (if valued over $1,000 with a supplied valuation):

Articles of Jewellery $
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Furs $
Items containing Gold or Silver $
Precious Stones $
Pictures and Works of Art $
Persian or similar Rugs or Carpets $
Curios or Antiques $
Documents $
Collections $

Musical Instrument (other than piano/organ)


Property used in an Office or Surgery if the total value exceeds $5000


Home Computers
(hardware, accessories and software are limited to $5,000 in all unless listed below). Please provide year, brand, model and serial numbers:
Computer One Details $
Computer Two Details $
Computer Three Details $

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